A gap exists between science and the needs of society to address complex environmental problems. Though many researchers want to see their work applied and decision makers want better access to scientific advances, higher educational systems traditionally have not trained students to work across these gaps. To address this shortcoming, an interdisciplinary group of scholars from the University of Arizona designed the Transdisciplinary Environmental Science for Society (TESS) Program.

TESS equips future generations of researchers, practitioners, political leaders, and educators to actively confront society's most complex environmental challenges.

Designed as a series of three online professional development courses, TESS is built for both working professionals and graduate students who want a solid grounding in approaches to bring scientific insights to real world challenges. Each course takes approximately 20 hours to complete and allows participants to work at their own pace over the course of one week. Throughout the week participants virtually interact with others in the course and the instructors via asynchronous discussions.