Communication Strategies For Collaborative Research

Course Overview

The final TESS course, Communication Strategies for Collaborative Research, provides participants with the context, information, and tools for communicating effectively in a collaborative research setting.  This course is different from a science communication course in that it focuses on elements and practices of communication that foster successful collaborative research.  Topics include 1) recognizing the importance of dialog and active listening, 2) building a communication toolkit that recognizes and values multiple perspective, 3) learning effective approaches and strategies for collaborative research, and 4) producing and sharing the results of your collaboration with a broader audience through a range of tools and practices.

Week 1: Dialogue as a Communication Tool for Collaborative Research

Dialogue is a critical component for productive collaborative research projects and partnerships. Incorporating principles of equity and inclusivity into these dialogues is also important, as is an understanding of how positionality and social identities can influence the collaborative research process.

Week 2: Building Your Collaborative Communication Toolkit

Dialogue skills that recognize the importance of multiple perspectives are necessary for effective collaborative research. An understanding of advocacy versus inquiry, intellectual and cultural humility, and active listening are all part of a collaborative communication toolkit.

Week 3: Working with Your Partners

Collaborative research benefits from practices and strategies that incorporate the needs and perspectives of research partners. Communication guidelines, forums for collaboration, collaborative research tools, extending the impact of collaborative research are the topics featured this week..

Week 4: Sharing the Results of the Collaboration

Careful attention to the design of project outputs is critical for effectively addressing the motives and goals of the collaborative research team. Different formats for collaborative research project outputs, and strategies for generating and sharing these with a broader set of users are the focus of the last week of this course.